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The Asian Contractor Association (ACA) is a non-profit organization serving Asian businesses in the Greater Austin Metropolitan and surrounding areas. The Mission of ACA is to promote and assist Asian-owned enterprises in their efforts to participate in local government minority procurement programs through outreach, education, and advocacy. (ACA web site updated November 2018)

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City of Austin (COA) MBE/WBE Program:

The purpose of COA MBE/WBE Program is to promote MBE/WBE participation in all areas of the City's procurement through its prime contract awards and subcontracts, and to afford MBE/WBEs an equal opportunity to compete for all City contracts. Goals for MBE/WBE participation differ from contract to contract, based on the type of contract, the availability of MBE/WBEs to perform the function of the contract, and other factors. SMBR
ACA Objectives :
  1. Provide an organization for the promotion of Asian American contractors and related business.
  2. Enhance the Communications among Asian Americn Contractors and the Community at large.
  3. Implement inofrmation exchange programs through seminars, workships, and networking events.

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