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Small business is Americanís most powerful engine of opportunity and economic growth. For millions of Americans, starting a business is the best opportunity to turn a dream into reality.
However, barriers to opportunity still prevent some individuals from taking full advantage of the opportunity to own a small business. By expanding the ability for more Americans to realize their business ownership dreams, the foundation of the economy will be further diversified and strengthened. The SBA seeks to foster an environment where small businesses can overcome barriers to economic opportunity in all areas of business development, including government contracting. This assistance will provide greater economic opportunity that will further contribute to the growth of the American economy.

To qualify as a Minority- or Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), you must be certified by the Department of Small and Minority Business Resources as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, joint venture or any other business entity that is owned, managed and operated by a minority or woman, and which performs a commercially useful function.

At Capital Metro, we transport more than 130,000 passenger trips per day. And that number is increasing. The mobility we offer creates significant benefits for the community, every day. When you have a choice in transportation, you're ready to go wherever life takes you.

The Network of Asian American Organizations
The Network of Asian American Organizations (NAAO) was established in 1996 and officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization (IRS code-section 501 C 4) in 1999. NAAO is to unite Asian-American organizations of common interests; and to achieve their common objectives.
Our goal is to be a progressive state transportation agency recognized and respected by the citizens of Texas by:
  • Providing comfortable, safe, durable, cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and aesthetically appealing transportation systems that work together
  • Ensuring a desirable workplace which creates a diverse team of all kinds of people and professions
  • Using efficient and cost-effective work methods that encourage innovation and creativity
  • Promoting a higher quality of life through partnerships with the citizens of Texas and all branches of government by being receptive, responsible and cooperative